Stereotaxic for Rat, SGL M, 18 Deg.
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  • Relieve eyestrain by light-interrupted
  •  Double-lead screw design, more stable and accurate operation
  •  Vertical locking and positioning button are separate to ensure absolute 90 ° vertical
  •  Distance from tip of the ear bar to the base plate:51mm
  •  U frame base space 115mm
  •  Extended base plate 400mm x 500mm
  •  Unique UP indicator to prevent incorrect operation
  •  Working distance 80mm, reading accuracy of 100microns
  •  Wide Y-axis operating range, spacing is up to 28mm
  •  Adaptors of rats, mice, birds, cats and other different animal are optional
  •  Curved nose clamp secure" the animal firmly
  •  Ear bar plate pressing design, ensure more stability

Standard Stereotaxic Instruments

Classical U-type base design, professional services in the laboratory for 15 years!



What's in the box

Complete sets of stereotaxic:

  • 68861N base plate
  • 68401 three-dimensional manipulator - left
  • 68021 rat adaptor
  • 68301 rat 18 ° ear bar
  • 68201 standard holder


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