NucleoProtect® RNA
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Efficient stabilization of RNA in samples prior to RNA isolation

Compatible with the RNA isolation method of your choice

RNA stabilization reagent for cells and tissues

• Collect your sample now – get your RNA later

• Protect your cell and tissue samples from RNA degradation

• Compatible with most RNA isolation methods, incl. NucleoSpin® and NucleoMag® RNA kits as well

   as NucleoZOL

•  Typical RIN after long-term storage >9



• Convenient storage of cell and tissue samples without the need for immediate processing or shock-

   freezing of samples in liquid N2

• Safe, transport of stabilized cell and tissue samples without dry ice for subsequent RNA isolation

• Preservation of RNA integrity within cell and tissue samples (downstream applications: qRT-PCR, RNAseq,

   array technology, etc.)



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RNA stabilization solution  ( 50ml / 250ml / 500ml)

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