Fluid-PermCell NW50-liquid
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Determination of chemical permeation of liquid test chemicals under continuous contact relative to safety clothing or safety glove material samples and a liquid collection medium.



The test of resistance of safety clothing materials against permeation is described in norms EN 16523-1 (replaces EN 374-3), ASTM F-739 and draft norm DIN EN ISO 6529, for example. The temperature-controlled Fluid-PermCell NW50 liquid permeation cell has a closed collection chamber (corresponding to: a closed system (circuit)) in which the liquid collection medium is thoroughly mixed with a magnetic stirring rod and the concentration of the permeated test chemical is measured as a function of time through a built-in conductivity or pH sensor “in situ”. The measurements are stored in the Multi3410 datalogger (manual conductivity and pH meter). The evaluation of the measured data can be done via tabular calculation on a PC.

In addition to the test chemicals recommended in draft norm DIN EN ISO 6529 (30 % sodium hydroxide solution, 96 % and 18 % sulphuric acid), inorganic, organic acids and bases can be measured using an aqueous collection medium as an alternative. The Fluid-PermCell NW50-liquid with a temperature control jacket made of DURAN® laboratory glass is thermostatically maintained using the digital Peltier thermostat PT31 (heating/cooling liquid: water) to a test temperature of 23 °C (+1 °C). Other test temperatures can be selected as well, such as 33 °C (up to max. 35 °C and min. 13 °C)!

The material sample to be tested is placed in a PTFE sample holder (PTFE clamp).

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