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  • a PC-controlled multiposition valve for analysing six gas streams one after the other. In addition to the three glass permeation measurement cells (not in the scope of delivery!), the zero gas, a reference gas (such as isobutane/air) and a test gas at the test chemical breakthrough concentration can be measured with the test specimens
  • a plexiglass housing with an exhaust gas nozzle for temperature control of the permeation cells, reference gas cell, test gas cell and the zero gas
  • a temperature controller with a fan, a heater (300 W) and a Peltier cooler (>100 W) to pre-establish the temperatures of 23 °C ± 1 °C or 33 °C ± 1 °C
  • a FID for the detection of hydrocarbon-containing test substances
  • an evaluation program that generates Excel-compatible data (prerequisite: the PC must have a USB and Windows 7)

The analyser measures the permeation rate in chemical safety gloves and clothing. The chemicals are detected using a built-in FID or FPD. The analyser measures the breakthrough of the test chemicals in three permeation measurement cells according to DIN EN 374-3 and EN 16523-1 (or alternatively in 1“ ASTM cells).


What's in the box
  • Qumat®-Q401-HR-FID analyser (width × depth × height: 100 cm × 70 cm × 60 cm)
  • 2 PTFE blind flanges for reagent gas and test gas with glass lower part of the permeation measurement cells
  • Evaluation program
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