COVID-19 Air Purification Sterilizer
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Product SKU YKJX-Y500
Brand Haier Biomedical
Size (L x W x H) 229 mm x 439 mm x 735 mm
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Two Kinds of Filters:

Professional efficient filtration module plus honeycomb type activated carbon adsorbing mesh can realize a PM2.5 removal rate of >99.9% and a methanol removal rate of > 95% after operating for 1 hour.

Triple Disinfection:

Plasma disinfection, ultraviolet + titanium dioxide photo catalyst disinfection, and nano-silver ion filtration layer disinfection together ensures bacterial and viruses killing rate of > 99.9%.

Fresh Air:

Negative-ion generator can release healthy negative ions so that users can enjoy clean air like immersing oneself in a forest.


Applicable Volume (m3) ≤60
Clean Class 100000
Ultraviolet Lamp Life (h) 6000
Noise Level dB (A) ≤55
Power (W) 100
External Dimensions (W*D*H mm) 439*229*735
Net Weight (Kg) 13
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