ZipTip with 0.2 µL C18 resin, 96 pcs
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Brand Merck
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Key Applications
Analytical Sample Prep, Mass Spectrometry Sample Prep, Protein Concentration, Protein Purification, Peptide Fractionation
Catalogue Number ZTC18M096
Trade Name
  • ZipTip
Description ZipTip with 0.2 µL C18 resin


Product Information
Automation Compatible Yes
Operating Temperature Range 4 to 70 °C
Quality Level MQ400


Application 96 pack of 10 µL pipette tips with chromatography media, 0.2 µL C18 resin, fixed at its end for Step-fractionation of complex mixtures for increased MALDI-TOF MS sensitivity & resolution.
Key Applications
  • Analytical Sample Prep
  • Mass Spectrometry Sample Prep
  • Protein Concentration
  • Protein Purification
  • Peptide Fractionation


Biological Information
Sterility Non-Sterile


Physicochemical Information
Bed Volume 0.2 µL
Binding Capacity Typically 2.0 µg when used with saturating amounts of analyte
pH Range pH1.5 – pH13.5; pH2 – pH12 for 24 hour exposure


What's in the box

96 pack of 10 µL pipette tips

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