OmniPur® Water, WFI Quality, Sterile Purified Water, Cell Culture Tested - CAS 7732-18-5 - Calbiochem
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Overview Suitable for a wide range of applications.

Water conductivity (packaged water): Passes test (result in µS/cm at 25°C)
Water conductivity (prior to packaging, stage 1): Passes test (result in µS/cm at temperature°C, this will vary by lot)
DNase: None detected
Oxidizable substances: Passes test (solution remains faintly pink)
Plating efficiency: Passes test
Protease: None detected
RNase: None detected
Particulate matter in injections: ≤25 Particles/ml ≥10 µm in size
Particulate matter in injections: ≤3 Particles/ml ≥25 µm in size
Total organic carbon: <500 ppb
Sterility: Passes test
Bacterial endotoxin: ≤0.025 EU/ml (per master product record)

This product meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) testing requirements, however it is not USP/EP certified.

Intended for laboratory and manufacturing use only. Not for drug, food, or household use.
Catalogue Number 4.86505
Brand Family Calbiochem®
Synonyms Water for Injection


Product Information
CAS number 7732-18-5
Form Clear, colorless liquid
Hill Formula H₂O
Chemical formula H₂O
Quality Level MQ100


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